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Hiding in the Shadows

  • 6 April 2013
  • Randy Wollf

Man in a shadowDo you ever feel like hiding when you sense God calling you to do something that is out of your comfort zone? When Samuel announced Israel’s new king, the new king was nowhere to be found. In fact, Saul was hiding among the baggage (1 Samuel 10:22). Without reading too much into the story, it appears that Saul did not feel up to the task. It was easier to hide in the shadows. However, God often calls us to leave the shadows. Perhaps, today is the day to step out from your hiding place and boldly follow God wherever he leads.

Detours with a Purpose

  • 6 April 2013
  • Randy Wollf

Person with detour signDo you ever get frustrated with life’s disappointments and detours? I certainly do. I like to move in what I think is a direct line to what I believe is God’s plan for me. Yet, God’s ways are so much higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:9) and I’m learning this His ways often include detours

In 1 Samuel 9, Saul and a family servant set out to find some lost donkeys. Their three-day search takes them to the hometown of Samuel, the prophet. Upon their arrival, the servant suggests that they ask Samuel about the location of the donkeys. They proceed to do so, not realizing that God had told Samuel the day before that He was sending Saul to him so that Samuel could anoint him as the leader over Israel (v. 16). God used some wayward donkeys to get Saul and Samuel in the same place for this momentous occasion. Saul was anointed king and the donkeys were found by others. God definitely had a purpose in leading Saul on this donkey detour.

Of course, most of us do get discouraged when we encounter apparent setbacks. However, when we increasingly know God (really know Him ) as sovereign, we will believe (deep down in our hearts) that God can even cause the detours to work together for good. The detours become detours with a purpose (or DWAP’s, for short). Leaders with a high view of God’s sovereignty may get discouraged initially when faced with unexpected detours, but soon recapture hope, purpose, and confident optimism as they revel in the knowledge that their Leader is in control.

Who is King?

  • 1 April 2013
  • Randy Wollf

God King Lord"When Samuel grew old, he appointed his sons as judges for Israel” (1 Samuel 8:1). However, they did not follow Samuel’s example; they pursued dishonest gain and perverted justice. The result was that the elders of Israel wanted a strong leader, a king, so that they could be like the other nations. Samuel was displeased with their request and gave them a list of reasons why it was a bad idea. They weren’t convinced. God’s assessment of their plan: They have rejected me as their king. The Israelite elders were looking for strong leadership in a person and forgetting that ultimately God wanted to be their King.

Who or what is my king right now? Father. I’m prone to wander away from you and to serve other kings. Help me and those who read this post to follow you as the King of kings – to place everything and everyone under You. Amen.