"MinistryLift has its finger on the pulse of church leaders, knowing us and growing our potential for ministry through relevant, wisdom-packed webinars." - webinar participant 

"We are thankful for Randy's warm presence, his practical instruction, and for the useful tools that he provided to our churches, as they seek to be better equipped to mentor and coach others to take next steps in their walk with God, character and leadership skills."  - Rob Stewart, District Superintendent of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (Lower Pacific District) 

An excellent morning webinar. My staff and I spent 30 minutes afterward unpacking the next steps for ourselves and our church. It was very helpful. We're looking forward to future ones. - Mike Penninga, Senior Pastor (Kelowna Gospel Fellowship) 

"MinistryLift is necessary to help leaders in different ministries to get together and think outside the box and take their ministry to a new level. I find the workshops I have attended have given me a refreshed look and new level of energy to keep going. These workshops create a place for people to gather and connect and encourage one another as ministry work can be overwhelming and tiring at times. Each MinistryLift workshop I walk away feeling it was worth my time to attend because the knowledge I have gained is priceless."  - Christy Jefremow, Children's Director and Church Administrator (Abbotsford Community Church) 

"The small groups conference gave me new ideas and renewed enthusiasm for ministry. It was like giving water to a withering plant!"  - conference participant

"I would definitely register for other online conferences you might offer. Overall I was exceedingly happy with the Christian content and the gospel truth that was taught in every seminar I observed. We definitely need more of what you are offering."  - conference participant